est. 2018

Brooklyn, New York


Co-Creator + Producer + Creative production + Editor

Anderson Street is an episodic conversational web series

Today, people aren’t talking to each other. As millennials, we have more access to information then ever, yet, we avoid in-person conflicts and steer clear of difficult and divisive conversations. People are fearful to speak their mind and instead, conform, agree and harbor anger. 

As a result, society is stagnant and the sense of real community, a place for open and honest conversation without fear of retribution, is far gone. These conversations should and need to be had. We agree. 

Our purpose is to encourage people to speak their minds by distributing live and edited in-person discussions that encourages positive dialogue surrounding sensitive and potentially divisive topics from people of different backgrounds and opinions. We will focus on a series of dinner table discussions and compliment weekly episodes with various live and behind the scenes content - creating a sustainable, authentic and engaged audience.